Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

My name is Ali Sauter, your T.I.C. (Technology Integration Coach) I am discovering the world of educational blogging in my new UNI grad school adventures. Blogging is a way for teachers to connect to other people and resources via cyberspace. Blogs are a great professional development tool, journal application, and communication tool to use with students, colleagues, and parents. If you are a blogger, you are connecting with some sort of community. Another acronym for this is PLN (Personal Learning Network).  The goal for my blog, 21st Century Purple & Gold, is to provide you with resources for our journey into the 1:1 environment. So, buckle up everyone! We are going to be embarking upon a wild adventure!!

 In this post I do want to highlight three educational blogs that I have started to dive into. I will explain what each blogger discusses, why I find their work interesting, what themes connect them, and why I think they are useful. Let's get started!

 Blog #1 Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne

  Richard Byrne is a former high school social studies teacher turned blogger. He integrated technology into his classroom while he was a teacher, and now he blogs and speaks about technology integration at conferences. I find Richard's blog interesting because it is one of the widest resources I have found. The blog is by far my favorite resource on the Internet for technology tools in education. The tools are also FREE! (What educator doesn't like free stuff?) The tools range from applications, guides, and other resources that are system or content area specific. Not only does he cover PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, he also covers several learning content area resources like math, language, science, or social studies. 

With Richard's help, I find myself immersed in technology tools that can be used in all classrooms. Not only does he have the blog, but he also links his posts for free technology tools to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. I find that these are easier ways for me to follow all of the information that he shares, but his blog is a nice place to go search out new resources.  

Blog #2 Dangerously Irrelevant by Scott McCleod

  Scott McCleod is a pioneer of K-12 technology in education. He has been instrumental in advocating  for 1:1 implementation.  I find Scott's blog very "RELEVANT" actually because he speaks of technology implementation from a leadership point of view. He is the founder of CASTLE and helps administrators and coaches stay motivated in the quest to become 21st Century leaders. Scott is a wonderful advocate for technology and 21st Century learning. I admire this about him and can relate to his philosophies. Here is a clip of Scott McCleod speaking at Ted-X Des Moines:


Blog #3 Angela Maiers, Educational Services, Inc. 

I have followed Angela on Twitter for a few years. Recently, I had the opportunity to see her present at NETA in Omaha, NE. Angela is an author, leader, and literacy advocate. I am currently reading her book Classroom Habitudes: Teaching Classroom Habits and Attitudes for 21st Century Learning.  Angela is an advocate for spreading the belief that all kids have worth and matter. I find her passion for children and learning very uplifting. Angela writes about what it takes to be a 21st Century learner and also offers great resources for technology leaders and advocates. Seeing her in person was very uplifting. Here is her Ted-X talk in Des Moines:

 All three of these bloggers are passionate about learning and technology. They are passionate about why technology integration and 21st century skills are so important. I feel very privileged  to have seen two out of the three speak at conferences. All three are on Twitter also.

All of these blogs connect technology with education, but Richard's is more about  an incredibly useful list of technology resources. Scott and Angela offer more theory and motivation with technology and education within their blogs.  

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