Monday, June 2, 2014

PLN Power

PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. This is a network just for you and your needs as a professional. All of you probably have a PLN and you don't even know that you do. A PLN is very similar to a PLC except your PLN consists of people who are most likely not your coworkers. They may not even live in the same country that you do. PLNs can span across the globe and that is what makes them unique and also so useful.

If you have a PLN that means that you follow someone on FaceBook, read their blog postings, view tweets on Twitter, etc. You may even communicate to them and vice versa. These people are connected to you in some way. You learn from them, relate to them, and can gain powerful information from what they have to share.

Because I am a child of the 80s….and somewhat of a nerd…whenever I think of my PLN I think of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Watch this opening theme from every episode and then I will describe what I mean:


 I feel like my PLN is just like this. Prince Adam is charged to protect Castle Grayskull, and he has special people and powers that make that happen. Although I am no prince, I do have the responsibility to help people connect to technology. He-Man's sword reminds me of my Twitter account because that is the first tool that I used to form my PLN. So, BY THE POWER OF TWITTER…I HAVE THE P-O-W-E-R…of a PLN.

Unlike He-Man, I don't share the secret to this PLN power. I have always advocated the use of Twitter for the classroom and for teachers. There have been a few "Cringers" that have come my way. Some teachers are terrified of establishing a PLN on Twitter, or they just don't want to use it.  Hopefully I have given them the guidance and resources over the years to create a successful PLN that they can rely on. I am also here to help YOU become part of the Twitterverse if you are interested. There are so many things you can do with your students by using this social media platform.

Most importantly, He-Man is only one man. He would not be successful without all of the help from his PLN, like Orko, Man of Arms, Shera, and the Sorceress. I truly think I would NOT be the educator that I am today without my PLN. Thankfully, they inspire me, help me, and guide me to new readings, learnings, watchings, and doings.

 Twitter also offers the use of hashtags (#) for educational chats among members. Two chats that I follow are #edchat and #edtechchat. Depending on your content area, I am sure we can find a chat for you to view and follow.

If you are interested in seeing who I follow on Twitter you can click the link below:

Click here to see who I follow on Twitter.

 Oh, one more thing….If you, like me, enjoyed He-Man growing up, I recommend a motivational site called Skeletor is Love.  You can also follow "Skeletor is Love" on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The site has motivational quotes on pictures of scenes from He-Man. Some of them are guaranteed to make you smile, while others just make you shake your head. Enjoy!

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