Monday, September 29, 2014

Google Offline

Since the implementation of our new 1:1 program we have encountered situations where kids need offline access to their Google Drives. Between some students not having Internet at home, or weekend trips away from home with family, the need for offline word processing certainly does need to be at the front our minds as we continue down this path. Having offline access for teachers is just as important as well.

Here is some informative tips and steps to making offline access possible with Google Drive and Google Chrome:

1.) You will need to have Chrome installed and running. If you haven't already downloaded the Chrome browser from self-service (IHS only), you will need to start there.

2.) Inside Chrome select the Apps Switcher:
3. If you don't have a Google Drive App already installed, then You will need to follow these steps:

4. Once you have the app in your Chrome browser you will need to turn on the offline option in Google Drive.

It is okay to then go back to New Drive once you set up offline access. Eventually we will all be forced to use New Drive.

Again, this process will only work if you use Chrome and you have turned on offline access through Google Drive. 

5.) In order to edit documents offline, you will need to first go to Chrome and then to your drive. You can do that by clicking on the apps switcher menu and selecting the Drive icon, or by typing in the URL address bar in Chrome.

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